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I am 48 years young and I have health issues. No more PHENOBARBITOL or DILANTIN 6 pills a day- Thanks to Medical Mary for their top quality highly efficient CBD oil.  I will do everything to educate people about CBD.

Neil J

I have four herniated disks and a compression fracture in my back along with joint dislocations and TMJ really bad. Started with gummies. They vary you have to do your testing with companies and this company stands out to be one of the best. The drops for under the young have helped relax me and for the first time in over 5 years, I am about to go to sleep without my heavy-duty muscle relaxer. Amazing! 

Rachel C 

Before CBD, my daily life depended upon drugs just to get out of bed each morning. I have a 3yr old son! Researching more on CBD, I realized I needed to try it.  Medical Mary CBD gave me the quality of life back! They have shown so much support and love it’s amazing and a true blessing! I’m proud to be a member of the Medical Mary.

Racheal A

I suffer from mood problems and I tend to freak out and get extremely irritable. It's hard for my husband to deal with but he does his best. I did a lot of research about CBD oil and came across your site. I purchased the 250 mg oil and it has been a lifesaver. After 5 or 10 minutes I feel incredibly calm. My husband notices a great difference in me and says it's a life-changer. Thank you! 

Brooke C

I use CBD oil for my health and it really makes a difference for me. It helps calm my mind when my thoughts start racing and I feel overwhelmed by my anxiety and stress. I find that vaping the oil works quicker and more effective than using it sublingually. Also, the staff at Medical Mary are wonderful!! They have great customer service and are always willing to help. I will be a forever customer! 

Peaches G

Medical Mary has been absolutely wonderful through the whole process of receiving my oil. I had a problem with USPS not showing my tracking number updating so I messaged Medical Mary about it and received an answer back within minutes. Even though it was not their fault they are still sending me two extra bottles of what I ordered I couldn’t believe the kindness I experienced with this company! I tried my oil and its been 2 days and my pain has decreased drastically, I can move my leg better with less stiffness and have not had any back pain. Needless to say, I love this stuff and most definitely plan to try more of their products in the future I would recommend them to anyone I promise they will definitely be in good hands!!

 Jacob E 

I’ve had issues with my joints since college where my knees, elbows, and shoulders become swollen and painful, sometimes to the point where I couldn’t walk or lift my arms.  

Since I’ve been using Medical Mary CBD I’ve had little to no swelling or pain! I usually take the capsules once a day or once every other day and it helps a lot. 

Kate D

These lines of products are top-notch. I’m always on the go with my landscaping job. The tough hours and manual labor are rough on my back. I’m the worst when it comes to taking pills. So I bought the CBD gummies, I keep them in the car when I’m on the run. they have work the best for me and have worked amazing on my sore body! 5 stars for me!  

Drew O

I have used CBD products for the past few years for health. When I used Medical Mary tincture for the first time is was a relief that can only be described as “being able to breathe, and a sense of peace!” I felt like I could enjoy life again. Life is short and I want to be my best. Medical Mary is part of my daily regiment! 

Randa S

I recently lost my Mother to Covid-19. This is the most stressful time I have experienced. She was in ICU for three weeks, 250 miles from her family. That is only half of the stress and heartache, my father also tested positive, he and I were quarantined together for those three weeks. I literally don’t know what I would have done without Medical Mary products. I used tinctures, chill, happy, and dream capsules. Thank you for having top quality products that work!!

Randa W  

I tried the gummies and the Chill and it has helped me so much.  It really helps with everyday stress.   I also tried the Trim.  I used it for a month and lost 5 lbs.  That is all I needed to lose so I stopped.  I love Medical Mary products!

Lori W

Medical Mary Pain Relief Roll-On is so easy to use. I use it on my knees night and morning to be pain-free.  I farm and ranch and there is no downtime for sore achy knees. Great product. 

Mike W  

I am 92 years young, I have suffered from degenerative disc disease in my back for a number of years.  I use Full-spectrum Medical Mary tincture at night, it relaxes me and I can sleep all night.

Doyle S

Ok here is a testimonial for these products! And thank you Lord!!!! I went to the Dr today for 3 month follow up and set these on the counter for him to look at since I was taking!!!

We talked about my 2 month labs and how I was improving and losing weight! I told him I was taking the Medical Mary products in addition to meds he prescribed! I’m no longer taking daily  allergy meds because of the Ultimate Immune Booster! Dr said as he was looking at the bottles and reading the ingredients “these are great and to keep it up” he was impressed  by the quality and ingredients in them!!!! Excited to see my labs from today! The nurse was also excited about them!!!!” 

Melissa B 

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