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When you become a partner with Medical Mary, you are put into business right away. All our starter kits provide you with your own website URL name that you get to choose, a back-office that will provide you with marketing & business tools/support, a built-in credit card processor, and a fulfillment center to drop ship products to your customers automatically. 







Our CBD products are lab-tested, made in cGMP/FDA Registered Facilities, and get made with less than 0.3% THC or THC Free. Plus, with a selection of over 100 products, we have something for everyone. 






What Are The Differences Between Each Package?  

The Product Influencer Package includes your technology set up (website & back office for tracking your orders, sales, commissions & team production). The other two packages include your technology set up (website & back office for tracking your orders, sales, commissions & team production), 500 business cards, 50 trifold business brochures, and a 40% off retail coupon to purchase any products you may want to start with.  

The difference between the power and ultimate starter kits is the products you receive. The Ultimate Starter Kit provides you with our top-selling products in each of our various carriers. The products have a value of over $790 and cost you only $399



What Can I Expect?

We do our best to provide you with all the tools you need to succeed. We strongly recommend first experiencing our products. Being a product of the product will allow you to share your experience with others. Click Here  to Read/Watch our testimonials. 

There are two ways to make money when you partner with us. 


 #1: Become a Partner Influencer


When you join as a Product Influencer for just $19.95/month, for less than 1 cent per day you make up to 25% commission on every sale made on your website. You'll get automatic discounts on all products and be able to share them with friends without worrying about handling inventory or shipping products! We do it all for you! Plus, you do not need to attend any meetings or training calls. Just Post and share products with everyone you know.  


 #2: Build a Team of Partners 


With any of our packages, your customers can become partners under you and earn up to 51% commissions on all sales made 5 levels down. Also, as a partner, you will receive up to 40% off retail on your own purchases made through your back office. You can read more about this by clicking here to download our compensation plan.  



Are There Monthly Fees?

There is a monthly $19.95 technology fee that is automatically charged to your account.  This fee allows you access to your back office, to earn commissions on sales made on your site and allow you to receive up to 40% off retail on your own purchase.



How Do I Build My Business?

There are several ways to introduce our products to your circle of influence. Many of our partners host zoom presentations/events, market on social media, set up booths at farmers’ markets/events, or even host house parties to share their experiences. In addition, word-of-mouth advertising is one of the most influential ways to expose your business and products.


Do I Need To Be An Expert With CBD?

No, we provide you with training calls and have videos for you to watch to gain knowledge about CBD/Hemp. Simply share these education videos with your friends.


What Exactly Is CBD? 

CBD is a chemical found in marijuana that does not produce the high associated with THC. The usual formulation of CBD oil comes from an extract, and we use CBD in many different delivery methods. In fact, when you become a partner, we have an excellent video with Kevin Harrington and our CEO, Norman Bean that explains everything you need to know about our products. 


Research has shown, CBD may support mood enhancement, better sleep, reduction in pain & soreness, and boost your performance and energy levels. As a Medical Mary partner, you are prohibited from making any advanced health claims. 


Is There Someone I Can Call For Support?  

Yes, you have access to our Partner Support Team via phone, text, and email.  We are here to support you and your business with Medical Mary Partners.   

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